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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to write all three options in the story document? 

No, please select ONE of the three options from the document. 


Do I have to follow the document prescriptively? 

The overall story should be followed however you are able to use creative license. Specific lines of dialogue do not need to be taken directly and you are able to add your own flair by splitting beats where fit, adding characters, changing locations, expanding moments, and introducing texture in dialogue where appropriate. 


Can I use characters or sets not listed in the story document? 

Yes you are at liberty to add characters or change locations if you feel it fits within the narrative. 


Can I write over 5 scenes / 15 pages? 

No – please fit what you write to the given criteria. 


I don’t have a broadcast credit, am I eligible to apply?

It isn’t necessary to have a broadcast credit so long as you meet one of the other eligibility requirements.


I don't have an agent, am I eligible to apply? 

It isn't necessary to have an agent so long as you meet one of the eligibility requirements.  


Why is there an eligibility criteria? Isn’t this closing the door to lots of prospective talent?

Whilst this is an opportunity open to those early in their writing careers, writing for EastEnders is not an entry-level role. Whilst we appreciate that many prospective applicants will be disappointed to not meet the eligibility criteria, writing on the show is an intensive process, and so successful candidates will need to have evidence of some professional experience.

BBC Writers ( regularly shares opportunities that may allow entry-level writers to gain the necessary experience for any future initiatives. 


I live outside of the UK, am I eligible to apply? 

Applicants must be resident in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland. Submissions from outside of these areas will not be considered or read.   


Can writing partnerships apply? 

No, only individual writers please. 


Will I get feedback, if my submission is unsuccessful? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful submissions. Feedback, however, will be given to those who progress to trial scripts.  

What if I have my own show ideas or original scripts? 
The Writers’ Studios are specifically designed to find and nurture new writers for each show. If you have your own show ideas, keep an eye out for other scripted opportunities on the BBC Studios TalentWorks website 


Are the Writers’ Studios the same as BBC Writers opportunities? 

No, TalentWorks is BBC Studios’ platform for finding, developing and nurturing new and emerging creative talent. BBC Studios is a global content company that is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC group. BBC Writers is part of BBC Public Service. 


Can I submit a script if it’s already been submitted to the BBC Writers Open Call? 

Yes, you can. We’re a different team to BBC Writers and have a different application process 


Do Radio Credits count toward 'Broadcast Credits'? 

No, unfortunately radio credits won't count toward the eligibility criteria, only TV broadcast credits. 


Am I eligible to apply if I belong to a BBC Writers Regional Voices group? 

Unfortunately not. Only those who belong to the listed BBC Writers groups are eligible to apply.  



If you have any further questions, please contact: