Working With Us

BBC Studios is a commercial entity, wholly owned by the BBC Group, and we are firmly committed to maintaining the highest ethical and editorial standards in the way we operate. We strive to be fair, open and accountable to those who work with us. We have policies and guidelines in place to help us achieve this.

We have set out clear expectations for those who work with and for any part of our business in our Code of Conduct.

At the start of all BBC Studios productions Executive Producers sign and commits to The Pledge ensuring that everyone working on the production remains respectful and inclusive and adheres to BBC values – and that they will fully support colleagues who raise legitimate concerns about inappropriate behaviour.

All our programming and content, regardless of the commissioner or where it is shown, adheres to the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines, which cover everything from impartiality through to how we treat contributors.

Our Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines are there to protect the BBC’s global reputation and ensure our editorial integrity and independence are maintained. They set out the types of advertising and sponsorship relationships that are acceptable around the BBC brand. The guidelines apply to all BBC commercial services.

We have a high standard of ethical and environmental practices which is set out in our Ethical Trading Policy, including the provision of safe working conditions and the protection of workers’ rights across its global businesses and throughout its supply chains.

The handling of data by any third parties is governed by our Data Privacy Guidelines for Third Parties.

Our Whistleblowing Policy gives guidance for those who might need to raise an issue relating to how BBC Studios operates and sets out the routes for raising concerns to.

Practical information for suppliers who have a contract with us is set out under Accounts Payable.