BBC Studios is a world-renowned content studio and channels & streaming business, powered by British creativity, with a reach that touches audiences in every corner of the globe.

We work with outstanding creative talent who are responsible for platform-defining shows from Strictly Come Dancing to Bluey, Prehistoric Planet to Planet Earth III.

The range and quality of our content is unsurpassed, creating critical and commercial successes and global phenomena.

From BAFTAs to RTS Awards, BBC Studios is Britain’s most awarded production company and the only producer with three of the top ten shows on IMDB; we’re the home of, the widest-read English language news website in the world; and the UK’s largest distributor of British content.

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Annual Review 22/23: £2 billion in sales

Best of British content, across the globe

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We have a presence on every major continent

With international offices and production bases in nine countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, and a further eight in the UK (Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Salford and three in Greater London).

Our content reaches fans in over 200 territories around the world. While building the BBC brand internationally, we also support the wider UK creative economy, showcasing the best of British content globally.

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