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Happy Valley

A Lookout Point production for BBC, co-produced with AMC

BBC Studios Productions: A global content powerhouse

BBC Studios Productions is a global content powerhouse with a unique breadth and range, creating high-quality, award-winning, ambitious content across an extraordinary range of genres and specialisms.

Creating content through its production units, wholly-owned production labels and invested indies, BBC Studios is able to take an idea from thought to screen and beyond. Find out more here.

Building an award-winning slate

BBC Studios boasts a slate of almost 54k hours of distinct, high-quality programming across all genres,  thanks to teams within BBC Studios Productions. We enhance the creative range and depth of our content through creative partnerships  with third party independent producers using a variety of new and established funding models.

Our content is then sold to international broadcasting and streaming partners via Global Media and Streaming.

Brands & Licensing: Reaching fans and driving value

BBC Studios Brands & Licensing leads the industry in engaging global audiences; amplifying and extending BBC Studios’ IP and franchise portfolio in fresh and inventive ways, building fandoms via our own services and those of our many valued partners and creating and delivering world-class marketing campaigns.

Our world-famous brands – such as Dancing with the Stars, Doctor Who, Bluey, Top Gear and BBC Earth are celebrated in every major market, while the team also develops audiences through innovative licensing of the ideas and characters of new and established shows.

Brands & Licensing is also home to our marketing, branding and data teams who grow and develop the BBC brand internationally and oversee the company data strategy to better understand our customers and audiences and future proof the business.

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Dancing with the Stars

Top Gear