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Planet Earth III

BBC Studios Natural History Unit, co-produced with BBC America, ZDF and France Télévisions

Building a direct relationship with audiences around the world

BBC Studios' Global Media & Streaming business covers international direct-to-consumer streaming platforms, international TV channels, global content monetization and the global commercial operations of BBC News, outside of the UK– and, the widest read English-language news site in the world. In March 2024, BBC Studios announced it had taken full ownership of the successful streaming service Britbox International as a means of further growing demand and strengthening BBC Studios’ direct-to-consumer services.

Global Media & Streaming also includes 33 BBC-branded wholly-owned and operated channel feeds available in over 120 territories offering thousands of broadcast hours and titles. These range from BBC Earth which specialises in high-end natural history and factual shows, all the way through drama, entertainment and travel, to CBeebies for younger audiences. In recent years, the business has been at the forefront of launching FAST (Free Ad Supported Television) channels around the world, offering global audiences on-demand access to programming around key themes or genres.

Additionally, BBC Studios co-owns channels with other broadcasting partners such as BBC AMERICA with AMC Networks, BBC Earth with Sony in India, and BBC Earth and BBC First with Blue Ant Media in Canada.

The world’s biggest distributor of British content

With a slate of almost 54k hours of distinct, high-quality programming across all genres from our Content Studio, Global Media and Streaming leverages BBC Studios’ global reach and commercial strength to deliver award-winning content to international streamers and linear TV providers.

Our titles span global entertainment icon Dancing with the Stars, children’s smash hit Bluey, natural history super-landmark Planet Earth III, critically-lauded dramas Happy Valley and Doctor Who, and hit game show format, The 1% Club.


We also own and operate UKTV, offering a range of genre-focused channels including Dave, W, and Yesterday. In 2023 the network delivered a record-breaking year with an 8.81% share of commercial TV audiences.

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