BBC Studios Writers' Workshop
Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a TV writing credit, am I eligible to apply?

Applicants must have written a minimum of 2 hours of scripted TV over the course of their careers so far. Writers with no TV writing credits are welcome to apply to the BBC Studios Writers’ Academy (more information here:

I don't have an agent, am I eligible to apply?

It isn't necessary to have an agent.

Does my original drama script have to be a television drama?

Yes – only TV drama and comedy-drama scripts are accepted.

What about scripts developed with a production company?

We accept scripts that have been developed with a production company, though please note this on submission. If applicable, please also provide information about the ownership of the rights to that project.

Can I submit a script that has previously been submitted to Writersroom or the BBC Studios Writers’ Academy?

We accept scripts that have previously been submitted to Writersroom. If you have submitted a script to the BBC Studios Writers’ Academy in 2019 or 2020, we advise that you don’t submit the same script for consideration for this scheme. If you would like to apply with a new script, please use the Writers’ Notes section to note which year of the Writers’ Academy you applied for.

Can I apply to the Writers’ Workshop and another BBC talent scheme?

Yes, that’s fine.

I live outside of the UK, am I eligible to apply?

Applicants must be resident in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or Republic of Ireland. Submissions from outside of these areas cannot be considered.

Can writing partnerships apply?

As well as individual writers, writing partnerships of two (maximum) may enter. Both the submitted script and the pitch must be written by the partnership. If a writing partnership is selected for the Writers’ Workshop, the script fee will be split equally between the two writers, but expenses will be paid in full to each writer.

Will I get feedback, if my submission is unsuccessful?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful submissions.

How do I know my work and ideas won’t be stolen?

The copyright of all scripts sent to BBC Studios rests with the writer – you do not need to formally copyright work before you send it in to us. Writers are often anxious that their work may be stolen or plagiarised. However, the Writers’ Workshop team does not recommend scripts to departments without first contacting the writer. We aren’t looking for ideas for production in the first instance – we are primarily looking for scripts that show a real talent and potential in the writer.

If you have any further questions, please contact