This Farming Life

The struggles and triumphs of five very different farming families in Scotland

This Scottish BAFTA-winning documentary series for BBC Two follows the struggles and triumphs of five farming families in Scotland as they try to turn a profit in testing economic times..

“No sentimentality, but plenty of passion”

Sally Newall, The Independent

“Without a doubt, the best farming related programming shown on the BBC for many years”

Petition to HM Government demanding a second series

The detail

This Farming Life’s five families run farms in some of Scotland’s most remote and beautiful places: sea shepherd Sandy Granville tends flocks on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides; soon-to-be-wed Mel Kelly and Martin Irvine raise sheep and cows in Banffshire; Bobby and Anne Lennox farm near Loch Lomond; in the far north in Fearn, Ross-shire, John Scott farms sheep on a large scale; while in the West, Sybil and George Macpherson farm the hills in Argyll.

Covering a year in the lives of its subjects, the show proved to be a huge hit in 2016, quickly gaining a large and passionate audience. The series, consisting of twelve hour-long episodes broadcast over four weeks, was not only popular with viewers, it was embraced by the UK farming community for showing farming “as it really is”. This Farming Life went on to win the Scottish BAFTA for Best Factual Series.

Fans of the show raised a petition to HM Government calling for more episodes. A second series, produced by The Documentary Unit, with five brand new farming families and a few old faces, aired on BBC Two in September 2017.

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