About Us

A wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC, BBC Studios is now the primary home for the BBC’s commercial production and distribution around the world.

This business was created in April 2018 following the spin-off of production arm BBC Studios from the public service BBC in 2017 and its subsequent merger with BBC Worldwide, responsible for the production, sales, distribution and exploitation of BBC brands, channels and intellectual property.

The new BBC Studios is a global content company, embodying the very best of bold British creativity, and investing in quality content across premium genres including factual, scripted and entertainment. Its profits contribute to significant financial returns that are reinvested into the BBC for the benefit of the UK licence fee payer.

This interim site gives an overview of the merged business and access to the archived sites for the previous BBC Studios and BBC Worldwide.

What We Do

In the pursuit of the best creative idea for the greatest commercial returns in order to support the public service mission of its parent company, the BBC, BBC Studios operates in a number of complementary ways.

We create, and therefore own the rights to, the exploitation of, high quality content across all genres, but with particular expertise in factual, drama and entertainment. We do this for the BBC but also for other broadcasters around the world.

We partner with other companies – producers, broadcasters, or channel owners – for creative development, to provide funding for both independent and BBC productions, to partner with British indies or to invest in development deals, and to form partnerships. We also acquire secondary (post-broadcast) rights if we feel there is value in doing so.

We are active across programme and format sales, original channel commissions, formats and original content production, BBC branded services and other Intellectual Properties (IP) exploitation, including across social media.

As a result, we are able to deliver returns to rightsholders. These can be financial, through royalties or profits, and reputational, in helping to create successful and popular content which in turn generates awareness of the BBC or our creative partners.

All of these benefits, along with the cash dividends, are returned to the BBC and support the investment in content enjoyed by the BBC’s licence fee payers. The success of BBC Studios enables the business to deepen its partnerships and investment in content alike.  

BBC Studios Structure and Lines of Business

When BBC Worldwide and BBC Studios merged, the BBC made a voluntary commitment to Ofcom to publish a structure chart of the new BBC Studios, including the divisional structure and all lines of business comprised within it. This chart is shown below.