Inspiring greener choices

At BBC Studios we are putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do, both on and offscreen. As a major global business, we have a responsibility to operate with as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.

Onscreen inspiration

Onscreen, our content supports our audiences’ understanding of climate change and the importance of biodiversity. Our reach is both extensive and global: Frozen Planet II, reached a total of 20.5 million unique viewers in the UK. Globally 14 markets are broadcasting the series so far, with many more to follow. Additionally, we seek to amplify our content where possible - for example through our partnership with Minecraft which is enabling the innovative exploration of frozen worlds through the power of game play in more than 116 countries.  

In signing the Climate Content Pledge at COP26 we committed to consider climate change across all of our programming, looking to inspire greener choices. From Top Gear showcasing eco fuels which could rival petrol and Morning Live showing the benefits of second-hand clothes shopping to Liam, the protagonist of BBC Three comedy Ladhood, going door to door selling solar panels.

Offscreen action

Offscreen, we continue to work with BBC Group to deliver the Net Zero targets, which are underpinned by science. This involves considering our travel, waste and buildings, working with our suppliers and licensees and ensuring our UK productions have both albert footprints and carbon action plans. In 2021/22, 98% of our UK productions had carbon action plans and many pioneered innovative solutions – for example using green hydrogen generators. We also continue to work with our partners and customers and support our staff: we recognise our responsibility in the journey to Net Zero and will continue to work collaboratively to deliver this.